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Private Rehab facilities take into account your personal convictions, perspectives, history, medical needs, emotional and spiritual health and your lifestyle. Because of this, they can offer a more comprehensive and holistic treatment approach that may be difficult to find at public rehabs.

In addition to individualization, these facilities typically have more extensive financial resources that allow them to develop programs incorporating a range of treatment approaches. These specialized treatments are often more effective at helping individuals break free from bad habits and establish new life foundations.

Many private rehabs also provide a wider variety of amenities and recreational options to make your time in recovery more comfortable. These can include things like gourmet meals, private rooms, recreational activities (like fishing outings and spa trips), and the ability to continue work during your stay.

Confidential Care: The Promise of Privacy in Private Rehab

These additional amenities and services can help you feel more at home during your recovery process, which will help to ensure you’re able to stick with it. Whether it’s through group therapy or learning life skills training, these programs will teach you how to manage your addiction, as well as how to live your best life without drugs and alcohol.

Most private rehabs are covered by healthcare insurance, but if they are not, patients will need to pay for the entire cost of their treatment out of pocket. Depending on the facility, this can be done in one lump sum at the start of your program or in installments after a down payment has been paid.


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