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Cabinet Refacing Services in Charlotte

Aside from custom-made kitchen cabinetry DCI- Cabinets, Charlotte-based companies also offer cabinet refacing services. Custom cabinetry companies in Charlotte provide unsurpassed quality and attention to detail. They use expert hand-finishing techniques to ensure that your new cabinetry will have the appearance of handcrafted workmanship while maintaining exceptional characteristics. Moreover, the cabinets they provide are covered by an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty. In addition, you can enjoy free design consultations and discounts on their services.

Custom-made cabinets are the best choice if you want maximum storage space in your home. They can benefit any room in your home, but they are especially beneficial in the kitchen, where storage and working space are key. You can opt for any shape, size, and style of custom-made cabinets and be rest assured that they will look perfect in your space. The possibilities with custom cabinets are endless. Custom-made cabinets are also able to fit any space.

The cost of custom-made kitchen cabinets is higher than the cost of semi-custom ones, because these are made after the order is received by the manufacturer. While semi-custom cabinets are cheaper than custom-made cabinets, you have to pay for the installation and labor. Semi-custom cabinets are a cheaper alternative than custom-made ones, but there are some restrictions on their quality and fit for the room. Nevertheless, it is important to choose wisely based on your preferences and lifestyle. Custom-made kitchen cabinets are worth every penny, especially if you plan to remodel your kitchen.


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