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There is no better time to establish a business in Indonesia than now, with the new laws passed by the government giving protection to small businesses. It is also extremely important that you establish a company or open an Indonesian Private Limited Company (PLC). The process is surprisingly simple and straight forward, although there are some legal formalities that you will need to be aware off. There s a lot of support available from experts in the field of establishing a company and Indonesia company incorporation services can help make things much simpler for you. This article will tell you everything you should know about starting up your new company.

Setting Up a Company in Indonesia

The first step in establishing a business in Indonesia using offshore company formation services is to find a company formation expert who can provide you with a free consultation to assess your unique requirements. Indonesia company incorporation professionals can tailor a solution to suit the needs of your business, whether it is more specific requirements such as limited liability or just general company requirements such as the operation of a foreign-owned subsidiary. Before you contact any Indonesian expert, do take a look at their credentials so you get an unbiased opinion on their performance. Remember that these are complex matters and it is important that you do not make a rushed decision based on the company formation consultant’s recommendation.

The second step in company incorporation is to establish an Indonesian private limited company or PLC. An important aspect of your company incorporation activity in Indonesia will be to register it as a non-tax resident. The registration process varies slightly from country to country but in general you will need to fill out a form with the prescribed fees, pay an annual administration fee and submit your financial documents, including the latest balance sheet, to the concerned authority. An important reminder when incorporating an Indonesian company is that although Indonesia has very low corporate tax rates, there are strict limitations on how much tax you can be charged. Any company incorporated in Indonesia should be able to afford its annual administration costs.


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