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Children have the opportunity to hear and see many unsettling and often violent images through television, newspapers, radio and electronic games. Their caregivers play a critical role in establishing and maintaining an emotionally positive, prosocial learning environment.

How do you describe childcare skills?

Mindfulness is a practice that promotes healthy coping mechanisms and self-regulation. It helps us to notice our thoughts, emotions and body sensations and accept them for what they are without reacting negatively. It has a wide variety of proven benefits such as; improved academic performance, ability to resolve conflict and overall well-being.

Introducing mindfulness practices into your childcare eagleby program can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. A core component of mindfulness is simply breathing, there are numerous developmentally appropriate exercises that can be done with children.

Another way to introduce mindfulness to young children is by using a sensory approach, for example playing calming music and allowing them the time and space to observe their surroundings, smell flowers and explore different textures. Alternatively, a great activity to incorporate is the use of mandala colouring, a technique that helps develop hand-eye coordination, shape recognition and focus.

Incorporating mindfulness into the daily routine is a simple and effective strategy to promote healthy emotional growth and self-regulation in children. It can be used during rest time or prior to going out to play, introducing guided meditations such as a simple body scan; breath work; loving kindness and gratitude.


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