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A Google lawsuit has been filed against a person named Nche Noel Ntse, alleging that he is behind several fraudulent puppy website that are luring internet users with alluring photos of purebred puppies. Seamus Hughes, deputy director of the George Washington University Program on Extremism, broke the story on Twitter. Google says Ntse used his website to perpetuate a puppy scam that has been growing more popular over the past few years.

A popular online scam is the “faux puppy” scam. These scam websites ask people to wire money or pay additional fees to receive a fake puppy, never delivering the product. According to an investigation by the Better Business Bureau, more than 1,000 consumer complaints about bogus websites were reported to the organization. Interestingly, the majority of complaints were about fraudulent sales of pet products. Nevertheless, there are some tips for avoiding these scammers.

Always Double Check These Sites To Ensure That They Are Not Scams

PuppyFinder is one of the most popular websites dedicated to locating puppies for sale. You can search for puppies based on breed, age, gender, and behavior. When you find the puppy you like, you can contact the owner directly to reserve it. Another popular website for puppies is Petfinder, which allows breeders to host their website within the site. This allows consumers to search through thousands of listings from thousands of breeders. There are also links to other websites devoted to pets and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

When searching online, it is important to remember that scams can be everywhere. Be wary of websites that ask for full payment before the puppy can be picked up. Some scammers use fake or stock photos of puppies to lure consumers. Always double check these sites to ensure that they are not scams. You can reverse-search images to make sure that they are genuine. This is especially important if you are not sure if the images are fake or not.


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