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If you’re considering treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction in rehab newry, it’s important to choose the right option for your situation. You can always call our hotline to speak with an expert who will be happy to help you find the best inpatient addiction recovery center Newry has to offer. Our advisors can also guide you through the differences between one-month treatment centers and longer options, such as sixty or ninety-day programs.

Many people struggle with a dual diagnosis, meaning that they have both a substance or gambling problem and a mental health issue. In order to treat this, it’s crucial that the underlying mental health problem is addressed along with the addiction. Inpatient rehab centres can offer this type of treatment, providing medication, detox and counseling alongside a range of other support services.

Overcoming Addiction: Success Stories from Newry’s Rehab Centers

Inpatient rehab centers are often the best choice for those with severe addictions, as they provide round-the-clock medical care and a safe environment. During your stay, you can build strong bonds with fellow patients and develop supportive networks that will help you in your recovery. Inpatient addiction rehab centers are also a good choice for those who have family or work commitments, as they can be more flexible about when you attend treatment sessions.

Mick, a recovering alcoholic from Newry, credits Cuan Mhuire with helping him to overcome his drinking problem. He said that the clinic had helped him to discover who he was and had taught him how to cope with his problems without turning to alcohol for comfort.


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