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When pests invade an office, it can disrupt work and lower employee morale. They can also pose a health risk and damage expensive equipment and supplies. Taking quick fixes or DIY approaches often fails to prevent recurring infestations, which only get worse over time. Investing in effective office pest control will keep employees safe, increase productivity and protect your company’s reputation.

Office pest control spaces offer ideal conditions for pests, which look for warmth, shelter and food. Pantry spaces that become cluttered with leftover foods, paper and other waste provide rodents with food and water sources, as do trash bins. Likewise, open garbage cans and empty food containers make attractive nesting sites for bees, wasps and other flying pests.

Creating a Pest-Free Workspace: Office Pest Control Strategies

The best way to prevent pests in the office is to have all employees practice good hygiene, clean up crumbs and spills on their desks regularly and put away food and drink items before leaving their workspaces. Staff should also practice restroom etiquette, which includes cleaning the bathroom multiple times a day and fixing any leaks promptly.

Another preventative measure is to seal any cracks and holes in the building, which can be entry points for ants, roaches, mice, rats, bees, wasps, moths, flies and other pests. Also, if there are windows without screens, they should be properly fixed to avoid pests entering the office. In addition, training staff on the main signs of pests will help them report a potential infestation right away to upper management, which can halt an office pest problem before it gets out of hand.


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