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Jeremy Piven 2023 stars alongside BAFTA nominee Robert Carlyle and Maimie McCoy in the new drama The Performance, which premiered this weekend at the Rome Film Fest. Adapted by Piven and Josh Salzberg from the short story by Arthur Miller, the film follows second-generation Jewish American immigrant Harold May, a talented tap dancer who has been relegated to the New York club scene. While on tour in Europe, he and his troupe are scouted by a German attache who offers them an irresistible sum for one performance, little do they know that it’s to be performed for Adolf Hitler.

Behind the Curtain: Jeremy Piven’s Impact on Theater Productions

FRED Film Radio had the pleasure of chatting with Piven and director Shira about the film. He talks about why he wanted to work on this project and how he prepared for the role. He also discusses the relevance of Arthur Miller and why he feels his works are still relevant today.

The Performance is out now on VOD, iTunes and Amazon Prime. Watch the trailer for the film below. Jeremy Piven stars alongside BAFTA nomination winner Robert Carlyle, Maimie McCoy, and Lara Wolf in the new drama The Performance. Jeremy Piven is directed by Shira Piven and written by Josh Salzberg based on the short story by Arthur Miller. The film is produced by Daniel Finkelman of Sparks Next, Chaya Amor and Jenny Shakeshaft and was filmed in Slovakia.


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