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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – MEIR EZRA
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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is the process of replacing or refinishing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. It is less expensive than replacing or installing new cabinets, and can add value to your home. It also is a more environmentally conscious alternative to traditional cabinet replacement, as the original cabinets are reused rather than discarded and recycled. The materials used for refacing can also be made of sustainable woods.

Refacing is also faster and less invasive than installing new cabinets, as it only involves the face frames. There is minimal demolition involved, and the kitchen can remain operational during the project. Depending on the contractor, it can take as little as a week for a professional to complete.

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Many companies offer refacing services, and there are DIY kits available for homeowners to do it themselves. However, it is important to choose quality materials, as the cheaper options such as laminates and Rigid Thermo Foil (RTF) are not durable enough for a kitchen environment, and they can be susceptible to warping with water exposure or temperature changes.

Additionally, refacing does not address any problems with the existing cabinets, such as water damage or broken door frames. These issues will need to be addressed separately or the cabinets will continue to deteriorate, which can lead to future repairs that are more costly than they would have been had the cabinets been properly maintained.


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