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NACE Inspection Program – The Gold Standard in Coatings Inspection – MEIR EZRA
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NACE Inspection Program – The Gold Standard in Coatings Inspection

The NACE Inspection Program is a certification NACE | Inspectors tankproinc required for coatings inspectors. This certification is recognized as the gold standard in the industry. The program includes online and in-person components, and a single class lasts 60 hours. The first virtual CIP Level I class is scheduled for March 29-30, 2020. Instructors are opening their schedules to accommodate interested students. You can also choose a specialty course that focuses on a single specialty, such as coatings inspection.

Certifications in NACE Inspection are highly sought after and widely recognized. Each level has a different set of requirements. Certification at Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2 certification. There are three different certification levels available in the NACE system: general coating inspection, specialty coatings, and nuclear and marine industries. Those who earn certification at Level 3 are considered to have the most comprehensive knowledge of coatings. Certification requires extensive experience in each level.

The training program prepares graduates to become NACE-certified coatings inspectors in a variety of industries. Certifications help ensure that your work meets the highest standards. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact NACE Inspection. They have experienced and certified inspectors ready to help you with your coating inspection needs. If you’re interested in this career path, we encourage you to apply. The certification will set you apart from other coatings inspectors in your industry and will provide you with a high-quality seal of approval.


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