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OG Whatsapp is an unofficial app which you can download for free. You can enjoy many features of the official version of the app, including a new notification bar and location sharing. The application has great backup and data recovery features, which can help you avoid losing important data. It also supports sending more file types, such as gifs, and JPEGs. It also allows you to preview the image you are sending without downloading it. This is the only drawback of this app. However, it is definitely worth downloading it for free and using it on your phone.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To OG Whatsapp Pro Apk Download 2022

OG WhatsApp pro apk download 2022 is a mod of the official WhatsApp app. It has all the features of the official app, including the ability to send and receive messages from two numbers. It also allows you to hide the last seen, active, and delivery status of other users. It has fixed some of the bugs that caused WhatsApp to crash, so you’ll find it easy to use. You can also send and receive text messages selectively with this app.

OGWhatsapp allows you to have multiple accounts and runs in the background simultaneously. This allows you to have two accounts on the same device. Unlike the official version of WhatsApp, OGWhatsapp can run in the background and have two accounts. OGWhatsApp Pro is also free, but you should make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone before you install it.


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