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TFR Jennychem – A traffic film remover, sometimes called a TFR, is a strong kind of industrial chemical cleaner that is used to clean the body of automobiles for cleaning purposes. It is primarily used for the purpose of clearing the car’s paintwork and the clear coat under the car’s clear-coat windows. For this reason, it is used in areas where there are thickly populated roads or areas of heavy traffic. Some of these chemicals are known to be toxic, so handling them with care and in accordance with the law is essential. Some chemicals used in these applications are also suspected of causing skin irritation or allergic reactions.

traffic film remover

Painting Traffic Signs

As a rule, you should treat an unopened can of caustic traffic spray with extreme care, as the contents can be highly flammable. If you open a can of spray without covering it, you run the risk of the contents splattering onto your clothing and carpeting, as well as injuring yourself or others. It is not safe to use can of spray on your skin. Keep children away from can of spray to prevent accidental ingestion.

Do not use a can of Teflon spray when treating your traffic film. Teflon is a caustic gas that will severely harm human skin. While Teflon-coated equipment is widely used, it is also illegal to use on traffic markings. If you must use a can of Teflon, use one that is specifically labeled for use on traffic markings and leave the can on the ground. This is important because it won’t dissolve into the substrate of the traffic sign and will not damage the paint.


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