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organic cbd

organic cbd is a great natural supplement that has shown to alleviate the symptoms of numerous ailments. It has been shown to aid in the relief of anxiety, reducing inflammation that causes aches and pains, helping with focus disruptions and more. It has also been found to help with insomnia, boosting quality of sleep. And for those suffering from PTSD, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reported that when used with traditional psychiatric treatment, CBD reduced PTSD symptoms in nine out of eleven participants.

In order to be considered USDA Certified Organic, hemp must not be exposed to any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and it has to follow strict guidelines for growing and processing. Organic cbd uses hemp that is grown using these regenerative farming methods, resulting in a much cleaner product from start to finish.

The Green Revolution: Exploring the Benefits of Organic CBD Products

As a bonus, when farmers grow organically, they’re not only protecting the environment, but they’re also protecting themselves. Harmful chemical pesticides can contaminate soil, and they can even kill off vital pollinators in the process. Organic farms follow strict guidelines that ensure the soil is healthy and free of harmful chemicals before planting any crops.

The high standards don’t stop once the hemp is planted, either. In order for a CBD oil to be USDA Certified Organic, the carrier oil it is mixed with has to be organic as well. At Medterra, our CBD oils contain a nutrient-rich organic MCT oil that’s perfect for mixing with hemp extract to create the final products you see on our shelves.


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