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As the influencer who helms The Real World teaches his students to build wealth online, his own alleged misdeeds are bringing to light questions about the platform’s legitimacy. Tate’s grift, some critics say, bears all the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme.

Journey into Reality: Andrew Tate’s Perspective in “The Real World

The program, described by its instructors as an “educational community,” offers step-by-step guidance in freelancing, copywriting, e-commerce, crypto trading, investing and business management. Members also gain access to a private network of peers and mentorship from multimillionaire experts.

For some, like Mahmoud, the program initially seemed a lifeline. His chaotic lifestyle prior to joining The Real World in 2022 – partying, smoking and drinking – had left him “stuck,” and Tate’s motivational messages resonated with him. But he quickly became disillusioned. Despite spending 10 hours a day on the site, he says, he made only around $600. And when he complained to his instructor, she accused him of not working hard enough.

Pope is concerned about The Real World’s affiliation with The War Room, a chatroom that leaked messages show has been used to share methods of grooming women into online sex work — the kind of techniques Tate himself once offered courses on, which he now faces criminal charges for in Romania. He also worries that kids recruited into The Real World could be upsold to the former’s more radical misogynistic pipeline if they fail to make it through the latter.

As part of the upgrade, The Real World’s portal has been moved away from the custom-built interface that HU operated on, and onto servers controlled directly by Tate and his team. He’s also moved his own payment processors, allowing him greater control over the platform’s functionality.


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