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What is a Diesel Tune? – MEIR EZRA
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A diesel tune  is a software adjustment to the computer that controls your diesel engine’s fuel management. The end result of tuning is improved performance, better throttle response, and more power. Tuning is not a replacement for exhaust systems, air intakes, heavy-duty clutches, free-flowing intercoolers, and other parts that are required to realize the full potential of your diesel truck.

A tuner is installed or downloaded through the data port under your dash and alters the ECM’s calibrations by intercepting signals from the FRP and MAP sensors and manipulating them to produce the desired effects. The tuner replaces the manufacturers safe/generic map with a custom tune that releases the full power of your diesel.

Companies like SCT and EFILive offer pre-canned tunes, but most shops will be able to write you a custom tune for your setup. A stage one tune can be used on an unmodified vehicle, while a stage two or three tune will make use of basic bolt on mods such as an exhaust. Stage four or five tunes will use the extra power gained by adding a higher pressure boost pump, larger injectors, or other performance parts.

Unleashing the Potential: The Art of Diesel Engine Tuning for Enhanced Performance

Gale Banks, founder of Banks Power, doesn’t see the CARB emissions regulations as a death sentence for aftermarket diesel tuning. In fact, his company has been at the forefront of showing what big horsepower gains can be made without removing your DPF. He has plenty of experience to back up his claim, and he’s also been instrumental in bargaining with CARB for the 27156 emissions code that went into effect this year.


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