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What to Look for When Searching for Boarding Kennels – MEIR EZRA
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Boarding kennels are small shelters or buildings designed exclusively for the use of a specific dog or cat. The word boarding kennel, in its singular form, means a private dwelling, building or unit where cats or dogs are kept, maintained, sheltered and groomed. Boarding kennels can be designed out of a variety of materials, the most common being canvas and wood. The main purpose of a boarding kennel, whether it is used for dogs or for cats, is to provide a safe place in which the animal can freely move about the facility, away from the distractions of the people around it. Boarding kennels for dogs and cats are run by non-profit organizations dedicated solely to providing a quality, safe place for these special animals to live. View the website

What To Look For When Searching For Boarding Kennels Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Boarding Kennels


In an ideal world, everyone would consider dogs and cats special and would go out of their way to provide them with the best living conditions possible. However, despite this ideal society, there are still many people who do not practice good dog and cat care, which leaves these special pets vulnerable to many of the same diseases and infections that are prevalent in the general population. Boarding kennels provide a safe haven for these special beings to spend their days, getting proper medical attention when necessary, as well as a clean and dry place to live. Boarding kennels are often run by volunteers, who dedicate their time to making these facilities as comfortable as possible for these special creatures.

The boarded dog or cat can enjoy many of the same amenities as the outdoor version, including food, water and exercise. Many boarding kennels also offer walking areas for your dog or cat to stretch their legs and get some exercise. They may also provide toys and games to keep your dog or cat occupied while you are not at home. In addition to the basic amenities, many boarding kennels will also offer services such as spaying/neutering (for dogs), vaccinations, microchips, flea control, heart worm testing and heart worm prevention. For your dog or cat, a boarding kennel offers a safe, cozy place to live.


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