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Which Tires Are The Quietest? – MEIR EZRA
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The quietest tires

Tire noise is more than an annoyance, it can even mask other important sounds that impact vehicle safety, maintenance and performance. For many drivers, the quietest mudtires available are found on the Limited Slip, interstates, desert and mud tires. Because the traction on mud or snow tire is so limited, any noise made by the wheel can be an unduly distracting as well. Drivers often opt for stock tires in these conditions, but even these tires can make noise. To minimize the distractions caused by your tires, consider having them professionally fitted.

Which Tires Are The Quietest?

When shopping for tires and wheels, there are several things to keep in mind. The most important thing to consider is how you plan to use the vehicle, how it will be driven, and what types of driving you do. Each category will dictate which type of tire and which combination of wheels and tires will be the most comfortable and perform the best. The following are some of the more common tire choices for each category of driver and comfort level:

Limited Slip tires allow the driver to choose a lower profile and improved traction when driving in sand, mud and moderate traffic. The traction on these tires is not as great as it is on the all-season models, but the slight increase in traction can make a noticeable difference in the riding experience. These tires also offer the advantage of providing improved fuel economy. If you frequently drive in sand and/or gravel, a pair of Passenger All-season tires will give you the best overall fuel mileage.


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